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The Jolly Swagman, the Worlds best known perpetual traveller
This site is targeted to those Travelers who are already on the road, and aims to provide quick access to any and all information needed to smoothen out your journey.
Whether it is a map of the local metro, the latest exchange rates, localized calendars, weather, health related information, disaster news, pop-email access, airline information or any other information that might be needed when "on the road".





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 Special tip Access your PC from anywhere
Transfer your holiday pictures directly to your PC, access your address book and E-mails at home, while on the other side of the world.
Save yourself a lot of headaches and simply use your own PC from anywhere in the world, if you are lucky enough to have a fixed IP address you can use the free program UltraVnc, if instead you have a dynamic IP address (most ADSL connections) you can still use GoToMyPC (free trial available) both work from any Java enabled web browser.
 Travel tips: 
  • E-mail: Google has free 5000+ Mb e-mail accounts with an expire date 9 months(!) after your last access. Allowing you to not access your account for a while without it getting full (with junk mail). It will also allow you to store a whole bunch of scanned in documents (passport/tickets etc.), just e-mail them to your self and print them out when necessary. [Tasman Webdesign]
  • Photos: Consider using a digital camera when travelling, flash cards are very durable and as far as I know unaffected by the x-ray equipment in airports, plus you can easily send copies of pictures home burn them to a CD or display them while on the road using one of the "free online photo albums" [Bill]
  • Handy: Dental floss, small light and strong, Floss your teeth, repair shoes, clothes, hang up a mosquito net, use as clothesline etc. [Jeanny]
  • Handy: Glue, go to a hardware store and get a stick of translucent hot melt glue When you want to use it heat the end with a flame(match, lighter). Then dab it on. This stuff glues anything together
  • Hot: When travelling to hot countries and you keep your papers in a hidden pouch close to your body, make sure to put them in a ziplock bag. Otherwise your sweat will make the ink run through and loosen any stuck-in visas. Learned through painfull experience [Jan].
  • Smelly and wet: Anti perspirant also works great on the feet, gets rid of the smell and keeps them drier.[Johanna]
  • Latch on: Keep one of those rock climbing carabiner with your bag. Allows you to hook your bag to a table, chair, overhead storage even your belt, and effectively stops the snatch and runs.
  • Beware: Dont store credit cards or anything else with a magnetic strip close to your cell phone, the magnetig field could erase the strip [Jack Fields].
  • Light!: Take one of the new waterproof mini keychain led lights, small light and last forever, combine two tips and get a carabiner led flashlight [Kiana]
  • Second wallet: pack a second wallet with a little money and a few credit card look-alikes in the obvious place, to keep the muggers happy.
  • If you have a general travel tip that you think is suitable, please e-mail us. If we agree with you and place the tip we will credit it to your name if you like.
 Accommodation tips: 
  • Don't just automatically reserve a room at a chain hotel the next time you travel. Where you stay can be just as important as where you travel and can add a lot to your experience.
  • My pod or yours: Try a pod hotel in Japan
  • Rent Instead: Did you know you could rent timeshares?
  • Best Accommodations: Timeshares offer world calls accommodations
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