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 2central webmail: Tips, tricks and features  
Free, secure, permanent email accounts that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.
»Account size
The account size for the free email is 6mb, more available for a small fee.
»Extremely Fast
Lightning fast service due to our world-class network.
Send up to 3 attachments of unlimited size.
»Bulk Mail Options
Junk mail can be automatically sent to an alternate folder.
»Email Notification
Users can get notified at another email address when they receive mail.
Convenient folders allow users to create new folders as needed and move messages into any folder directly from the inbox.
»Address Book
Store names, birthdays, comments, and group multiple contacts together.
»SPAM free
Create new filters or use automatic filters to avoid SPAM.
»POP Mail Retrieval
Instantly retrieve messages from POP accounts.
»HTML Mail
HTML mail capability lets users enhance their messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.
»Account Status Reminder
Welcome page displays the number of unread messages and mail storage space used.
Built-in help explains all features at every step.
»Message Search
Message search lets users find messages that contain a particular word or phrase, were sent on a specific date, are a certain size, etc.
»Personal Signature
Users can create and change their personal signature.
»Aliases & Reply Addresses
Outgoing mail can be personalized with aliases and reply addresses.
»Personal Profile
Personal information can be edited and updated and the password can be changed anytime.
»Fast, Reliable & Scalable
We've partnered with Cisco, Network Appliance, Sun, F5 Networks, and Above.net to develop services that are fast, reliable and massively scalable. Our superior technology lets us back all of our services with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 99% uptime.
»BEWARE! "The company reserves the right to delete any User's account if such User does not access such account for a period of sixty (60) consecutive days. "
Tips & tricks:
If you have trouble, forgot your password etc. These pages offer further help and password retrieval options.
Forgot your password?
The complete How To´s!
»Instant messengers
If you are using some kind of messenger you can get instant notification of new e-mail by typing your messenger address or the account name it is linked to into the "E-mail Notification" option and selecting a regular notification schedule, this also works with ICQ.
If for some reason you want your account removed please send us an mail. We will ask you for confirmation before the account is erased, once erased nothing will bring your mail back again so be careful with this option. For obvious security reasons make sure to send your request directly from the e-mail account you wish to remove. Feel free to tell me your reasons.
»Important documents
If you are like me and keep a lot of your documents (CV¨s etc.) online just in case. I would recommend opening up a second account and forwarding those documents from your regular account to there. And just keep this account to yourself DO NOT give this address to anyone else and DO NOT use it to send mail to anyone else or if you do, use aliases and a different reply address. That way you should be save from spammers and your account will not fill up with junk.
»Spam tip
A lot of the nasty ones are now using programs that generate massive amounts of random e-mail addresses and send their spam to there, these programs do not know whether you exist or not until you try and "unsubscribe" from them.
By "unsubscribing" you are confirming to them that you exist and that your account is an active one, I´m sure you can imagine the consequences. When possible let your bulkmail handle them or use the filter option if they keep slipping through.
»Spam tip 2
If your not sure where some of the spam comes from then it could be us (he shamefully admitted) just check your personal info. and make sure both contact options at the bottom are set to "do not contact me!". This option was also given to you when you signed up but, hell who reads all that stuf!
Want to speed up your pages even more, then use the new free Opera web browser, fast as it is and with a single click on the menu bar you can stop the download of any graphics on that page and click again when you want to view the pictures in your e-mail.
This will also block the banner so please don´t tell my partners at everyone.net that I told you so. They have been really nice and provide a great service for the price of looking at the above mentioned banner.
If your happy with the service and your just thinking "what will I do now?" click on one of the banners and show them that you appreciate their efforts.
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tel:+56 32 2691202, Email
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